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How Many Roses are needed?


For one bracelet, it is best to send at least 3-6 roses depending on the size of beads and how many rose beads you want to consist in your design.  A bouquet of 12 will get you around 3-4 bracelets and a bouquet of 24 will get your around 8 - 10 bracelets  Please keep in mind this may vary depending on the size of your beads, and how many rose beads will consist in the bracelet design. 


Which part of the rose should be shipped and how?


Please nothing but the petals!  All you have to do is hold the rose head and gently remove is from the steam.  Than all you need to do is shake the petals off, riding of any seeds that will be in the centre of the rose.  If your rose petals are already dry, please put them in a zip-lock bag.  If your rose petals are fresh, gently wrap them in newspaper or put them in a brown paper bag.

How long does the process take?


Around 4 - 6 weeks from the time that the rose petals have been received.


Can different types of flowers be used?

Yes!  I can probably work with anything, though some flowers may need the help of roses being added to the mixture to help form the bead - the option of clay being added is there too!  


How do I take care of my keepsakes jewelry?


The rose beads are meant to last forever, but please keep in mind they are fragile and must not be taken into or near water.  If your bracelet does happen to get extremely wet (taken into shower accidentally), please lay it out to dry for a week or two and it should be okay.  If you are afraid you have ruined your bracelet please reach out to me for any advice on how to save it if you are unsure.


Can I make my bracelet more water resistant or shiny?

Of course! There is options to get clay mixed in with the roses when the beads are being made.  This will strengthen the bead more and also give it more of a 'round and smooth' shape.  This option is a self preference as most people like to have just the organic rose petal beads!  There is options for shinier finishing as well for your rose beads, though the scent of the bead may be lost!


Returns and Warranty


If a bracelet is damaged and you want it fixed, I understand.  Things happen and sometimes they break.  If it can be fixed, send it back!  All you have to do is pay S&H.  After all these are sentimental pieces and should be worry free! :)


** Custom orders can be made with sterling silver, and gold filled as well! 

All sales are final.

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